Jameson Therapeutic Massage is the husband and wife team of Ian and Courtney Jameson.  We met in massage school in 2011 where we fell in love with massage and each other.  Ever since, it has been our mission to make the world a better place, one massage at time.

We are passionate about the power of massage, and the holistic effect it can have on a person when integrated into ones wellness routine.  We are also aware of the profound effect that nutrition has on a person, and recommend the use of nutritional cleansing as another important part of holistic wellness.  We work with each client individually to find a wellness routine that best fits into their needs and ability. 

Ian specializes in deep tissue massage for those clients who have deep seeded muscular issues and prefer a deep pressure to find relief.  He also incorporates stretching and trigger point therapy into any massage that requires it, and pulls everything together with a relaxing flow. 

Courtney specializes in relaxation massages with deep tissue work in specific areas, especially the neck and shoulders.  She also knows first hand what the body goes through during pregnancy, and is passionate about pre and post natal massages. 

Keep in mind that although we each specialize in different areas, each massage is custom designed per each client's needs.  No two clients are alike, and our massages are equally unique per session.

We look forward to meeting you and designing a wellness routine that will improve your health and your life.